Zakk Benn is a musician currently living in Hamilton Ontario, working and playing in the city as well as the Greater Toronto Area. He is a versatile bassist who has been playing for over 15 years and is comfortable with many genres with a strong feel for Classic Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Blues and Heavy Metal. Zakk is gigging in the area as well as teaching privately out of his home in downtown Hamilton.

In the Summer of 2014 Zakk moved to Hamilton to attend Mohawk College’s reputable Applied Music program. During his 3 years in the program, Zakk played in a variety of ensembles. He was part of Mohawk’s first ever Classic Rock ensemble, formed the first ever Heavy Metal ensemble and played in a number of Jazz and Jazz Fusion ensembles under the instruction of amazing Canadian musicians and Mohawk faculty including Kevin Dempsey, Emile d’Eon, Rob Fekete, Clark Johnston, Sophia Perlman, and Ted Warren. Zakk studied privately and during bass masterclasses with Pat Collins, Will Jarvis & Clark Johnston, gaining a great understanding of the fundamentals of the instrument and a vast knowledge of applying theory to playing. Zakk exceeded in Improvisation and Harmony classes and grew as a musician along with his study of Ear Training and Musical Technology as well as putting his creativity to projects in Song Writing and Scoring for Media classes. Since graduating the program in 2017, Zakk continues his passion of gigging and teaching music.